Honey Bee Removal

Hive Removal and Relocation from a Bush or Tree

Honey bee hive in bushHas your swarm turned into a hive? A swarm develops into a hive when there is a production of honeycomb and larva/babies. We can safely remove and relocate your hive hanging from your tree or bush for a low flat rate. This type of job is more difficult and dangerous due to sheer number of bees and the guards protecting the babies and hive. In most cases this type of job takes longer than a swarm removal.


Hive Removal and Relocation from a Water Meter or Valve Box

Honey bees in valve box.Do you see bees coming and going from a small hole or the lip of your water meter or valve box? No need to worry, it is a bee hive that can be safely removed and relocated for a low flat rate. We remove hives from these locations weekly as it is a very common location for bees to make a home.


Hive Removal and Relocation from a Shed

Honey bees under shed.Shed floors and walls are notorious for having bees colonize in them. If you see bees coming and going from one location consistently all day, you have a bee hive and it must be removed correctly or you run the risk of the bees re-colonizing the area in the near future. M.M.Bees have competitive rates for the live removal and relocation of bees from outside structures like sheds. In most cases your bees will be located in a void between the ground and the floor, or between the outer and inner walls. We will open up the structure to access the hive, remove it correctly by hand, and clean the area. It is the responsibility of the owner to repair the shed after the bees have been removed.