Do you do Free Bee Removal?

No. We charge to remove honey bees.

How much does bee removal cost?

There are many variables in determining bee removal pricing. The size, the age, and the location all can affect the price of the removal.  After an inspection of the hive and a description of the work we will provide, a fair price will be quoted for the removal.  Visit our Bee Removal Price List page to get a ballpark idea of price.

What’s involved in a live bee removal?

This depends on the type of removal. Typically we remove bees with one of the three methods listed below.

Cut-Out Method

Trap-Out Method

Swarm Removal Method

Who can legally remove bees?

The Florida Department of Agriculture allows licensed and insured pest control companies and registered beekeepers to do bee removals.  We do not recommend trying to remove bees on your own as it can be very dangerous. Handling bees can be difficult and the proper equipment, expertise and knowledge are required to ensure the safety of people and animals in the surrounding area.

After the removal, do you do any repairs?

No, our job is to remove the bees with minimal structural damage to your property or belongings.  Many removals require some cosmetic repairs that can be performed by any contractor or handyman.