Bee Removal Prices


If this is your first time visiting this website, you probably have a colony of bees in, on, or around your home. Maybe you just noticed them in an area you rarely walk by on the outside your house. Perhaps you just saw the swarm move into a hole or crack on the wall of your home. Whatever the case may be, the first thing that probably crossed your mind was “How much is it going to cost me to have these bees removed?”

Bee Removal PricesAt M.M. Bees, LLC, we get this question a lot, “How much do you charge for a bee removal?” is usually how it is phrased. The problem with this question is that there isn’t enough information provided to accurately answer over the phone. Even pictures sent to us don’t clearly represent your bee situation.

No two bee removals are ever the same. There are many variables in determining bee removal pricing. The size, the age, and the location of the hive all can affect the price of the removal.

Removing a beehive hanging from a low tree branch is less expensive than removing an established colony from within a wall or a soffit of a home.

After an inspection of the hive and a description of the work we will provide, a fair price will be quoted for the removal.

Most removals have a minimum charge of $250. However, below are some starting ballpark prices to give you an idea what price your bee removal might start at.

  • Bee Swarm $50 – $100
  • Bees in a meter box $75 – $150
  • Bees in a cable tube $250 – $350
  • Bees under mobile home $300 – $500
  • Bees under a shed $300 – $500
  • Bees in a soffit, first story of home $400 – $600
  • Bees in a soffit, second story of home $600 – $800

Please keep in mind the above prices are averages. To estimate your bee removal correctly, we will need to visit the location where the bee hive is.


Water Meter Box 
Honey bee removal from a water meter box.

House Soffit 
Removed honey bees from this single story home soffit.

Boat lift Motor
Removed honey bees from a boat lift motor.

Under Shed
A typical honey bee hive underneath a shed.

Open Air Hive
The hive had been in this tree for several months. Needed a bucket truck to safely remove it.

Open Air Hive on Soffit
Bees built their hive underneath this soffit. Very easy removal.

Oak Tree Trap-out
This trap-out took six weeks to remove all the bees from this tree.

Under Mobile Home
This hive was 5 1/2 feet long by 16 inches wide underneath this mobile home.

Inside Chimney
These bees built comb about three feet down inside this chimney.