Bee Removal From Soffit 5-13-2017

Bee Removal Soffit
Today Michelle & I removed and relocated a colony of honey bees from a soffit in Seminole. The customer said they have had bees there on and off for the last three years.
Below is a short video of the bees before we removed them.


The removal took about 2 1/2 hours to do correctly and everything went as planed. There were no big surprises.

Bee Removal Soffit

Below are a few pictures of the progress of today’s removal.

Picture of the soffit before we started the removal.

Picture of Soffit Before Bee Removal

After removing the first section of soffit, it was clear the bees were in the next section.

Bees in next section of soffit

Found them. The bees were pleasantly calm after opening up their hive.

Found Bees in Soffit

Another angle of the bee hive before we started removing their comb.

Soffit filled with honey bees

This is a picture of the soffit after all the bees and comb were removed. We removed all the comb with the bees on them.

Soffit after Bee Removal

Bee Removal Soffit Completed

We placed the hive as close to the original location to catch the remaining foragers.

Bees making their way to their new beehive

We will return after dark and pick up the hive and put it in one of our four apiaries here in Seminole.

Bee Removal Finished


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