Bee Removal Service in Pinellas County

Bee RemovalM.M.Bees, LLC  is a bee removal service & relocation service here in Pinellas County. We are licensed, registered, and insured.

It is our goal to make Live Bee Removal affordable for residential and commercial customers, and to ensure that our customer service is outstanding. Our rates are based on the location and type of work required to complete the job correctly.

We are not a big company trying to make a big profit, but a husband and wife team who love bees. Honey Bees are relocated to one of our 4 apiaries here in Pinellas County where they will continue to pollinate and help our environment. Let us relocate and save the bees instead of calling an exterminator.

All our bee removals come with a 60 day guarantee. If honey bees return to the location they were removed from within 60 days, we will remove them for free.

Michael and Michelle Carnahan are the beekeepers that make up M.M.Bees. We are Florida State Registered Beekeepers. FL0520610C. We are both currently enrolled in the University of Florida’s Master Beekeepers program. And also active members of the Pinellas Beekeepers AssociationTampa Bay Beekeepers Association and Florida State Beekeepers Association.

Bee Removal Service

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Bee Removal Payments

M.M. Bees, LLC accepts Cash, Check, and All major credit cards.
An additional 4% will be added to your payment if payed by credit/debit card.

Bee removal pricing explained

In many cases there is confusion why bee removals cost money. Additionally, some wonder why there not just done for free. Here is where I will explain why bee removals cost money and how we price our removals.

Honey Bee Swarm

Swarming is the way that a honey bee colony reproduces. This usually happens in early spring time when a colony is rapidly growing.

Michelle Carnahan Swarm of Bees